Anything That Separates The ‘Other’ From Me Opposes What I Believe

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Some People Are Swimming In Freedom While The Rest Of The World Is Sifting Through Mud For Drinkable Water

MV conversation

Future Time


“So that was it?” said MV, “No more searching? No more struggle?”

“In that direction, yes,” I said. “Synonymous with struggle is family, however, and that never quits.”

“But you never stopped writing. Why?”

“In a way, I was forced to continue,” I replied, “CMU was trying to privatize my job. With a family to support and seventeen years of seniority about to go up in smoke, I decided to go back to school. As a Sociology graduate student, you might say my metaphysic got socialized.”

“Why Sociology?”

“Why not,” I replied, “it was an extension of Philosophy, and I needed a degree that I could sell. I had the support of the faculty too, particularly the politically left leaning faculty.”

“Did they support your metaphysic?” said MV.

“No,” I replied, “In leftist circles God is not a popular subject. In fact, I never brought it up. It was, however, mentioned once, at a critical point in writing my thesis, and I was told to stay sociological.

“How did you do that?” responded MV. “I mean, how do you write about the experience of God sociologically?”

“Writing a thesis is about using authority figures to back up your ideas,” I replied, “which is what I did; and further, it’s about gathering statistically significant data to back up your hypotheses, which is also what I did.”

“I must be missing something, or are you a magician too?” said MV.

“It wasn’t easy, something like walking on broken glass, but I got it done,” I replied.”

“What was your thesis about?”

“I titled it: Prejudice: Empirical Data Beckoning Toward A Theory Of Self, Ambivalence, And Tolerance,” I said, “and except for the data, which wasn’t as strong as I would have liked, I pulled it off. I was able to say what I wanted to say and back it up with data. It didn’t happen overnight, though, and, like I said, it wasn’t easy. In fact, my first two thesis topics were rejected. They weren’t sociological enough I guess. One, a paper on Structuralism, written in a class that was supposed to help students prepare for their thesis, I got credit for, but it still didn’t fly as a thesis topic. But, I haven’t really answered your question, have I? The fact is I can’t stop writing. For me, it’s an expression of freedom.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I write because I can,” I responded. “It’s my way of being free. I stay close to God that way too. Freedom is about creativity and production, and it’s also about producing quality—things that get better over time and make sense.”

“What’s making sense got to do with it?” said MV.

“It’s a holistic thing,” I replied. “For instance, for me, it wouldn’t make sense to work in bomb factory. That kind of work conflicts with what I believe. Anything that separates the ‘other’ from me opposes what I believe. It’s all about respect for life, and that means that it is ‘wrong headed’ to practice self-promotion at the expense of others. It’s ‘wrong headed’ for anyone–or country— to corner the market on disposable income. It is absolutely wrong for people to fantasize away wealth while billions of people are scavenging food, water, and medicine in order to stay alive. It ought to be, if not people before profits, at least people before massive profits. That’s what I mean by ‘producing what makes sense.’ Life is about choice. It’s about God’s freedom in the here and now. It’s about doing something when something needs to be done—anything less goes against God.”

“All right already,” MV responded, “I see why you’re so partial to leftist philosophies. But all you do is write. How does that save anybody?”

“One becomes free within their means,” I said. “Writing focuses thought, and when thought is focused on God, w
ell, that’s the very best I can do. And besides, I believe in the ripple effect. Writing leaves tracks, and the more tracks, the greater the chance of a path, and after a path, perhaps a trail, one that leads to a ‘political will’– like I said, one becomes free within their means. It’s about doing what you can, and then hope for the best.”

“But you’re not reaching anyone. Ouch!” replied MV.

“That pain, over time, loses its sting. My own friends, on my last bicycle trip, forced that lesson upon me,” I responded. “Back in 1982, I was salivating over the opportunity to tell my friends about my revelations, but very quickly I found that I had nobody to talk to. It was a real disappointment.”

“What disappointment–the bicycle trip or your friends?” said MV.

“Getting people to think outside the box,” I replied. “In fact, after that bicycle trip, I even got tired of hearing myself talk.”

“But the trip, how was it?”

“Just fine,” I said. “In fact, I just recently uncovered that journal, so let’s take a look-see. I think it will be fun.”


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