God’s Freedom In The Human Dimension Implies Knowledge

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Life Is God’s Freedom In A Higher Dimension

The God Connection

What If Paper Continued

Assuming that nature is not irrational (the contrary would be an insane world), we may conclude that the diversity of existence is, to some extent, ordered and expanding. It may be that God’s freedom, as it becomes more and more complex, achieves the freedom to experience itself. It seems to me that the most natural consequence of freedom would be to strive for its most expressive, dynamic, and stabilizing possibilities. In the experience of freedom experiencing itself the joined variable of X/Y would become unified in one experience. But, given that duality is a universal constant throughout, the complexity of X/Y must be such that it is able to experience itself while preserving duality. This phenomenon may occur only if X/Y experiences itself in a direction not contained in itself, thus giving rise to a new dimension of itself.

We may symbolize this experience with –(X/Y)(X/Y) where –(X/Y) denotes the new dimension of God’s freedom and (X/Y) denotes the now unified experience of the power of representation of X by Y form. This new experience entails a new dimension of God’s freedom for the power of representation X by Y form is now able to move in a spatial environment. This “freedom of passage” becomes living movement within a spatial environment, and, it does so within the context of the logical or operator—you assimilate or you die! Thus, in the same way that a plane contains an infinite amount of lines but is a dimension removed from these lines, life consists of an infinite amount of freedom but is a dimension removed from this freedom, as an awareness of freedom.

When X/Y becomes alive the power of representation X by Y form becomes responsive within an environment. This experience is expressed in the Chinese symbol by adding black and white to the dualistic form of the circle. Here the black (or white, depending on your preference) represents the negative space of God’s freedom, -(X/Y), while the white represents the awareness of this space, i.e., life!

The nature of freedom is such that it must move forward into new areas of experience or cease to exist. If you pick up a book on ecology you will find that there is hardly a space on this planet where some organism has not gained a foothold. In this sense, freedom is spatially extended, but, as we have already seen, freedom is not limited by space. As the complexity of freedom increases, new dimensions of experience become possible. Life, ~(X/Y)(X/Y), once again moving in a direction not contained in itself, experiences itself. This experience is especially interesting because we, human beings, are this experience. In the human dimension, (-(-(X/Y) (X/Y))(-(X/Y)(X/Y))), becomes the experience of the experience of the experience of God’s freedom.

God’s Freedom In The Human Dimension Implies Knowledge

The God Connection

What If Paper Concluded

The possibilities contained in human experience are immense, but the immediate consequence is that the person who we are is able to maintain some degree of permanence in the midst of constant change. This becomes clear when you consider that in the experience of (-(-(X/Y) (X/Y))(-(X/Y)(X/Y))), the negative space of nothingness, -(X/Y), becomes experienced in awareness as not-being, and, in so far as we experience not-being, by implication, we identify being. This is not the end of it, however, for in that not-being, -(X/Y), occurs within the experience of awareness, (X/Y), while occurring within the space of a three dimensional environment, (-(-(X/Y) (X/Y)), this experience becomes experienced as discontinuity occurring in continuity (time of mind) while occurring in the continuous space of a three dimensional event (facts). In this experience of temporality, then, we experience the forward movement of freedom in the form of an implied knowledge of our environment. In itself, this “passage of time” does not produce a great deal of knowledge, but because we bring the logical relationships implicit in the X/Y form—and, or, and implies— to bear on the experience of an event, we may form judgments concerning the significance and the probable cause of that event. These judgments are determined valid across a continuum which ranges from sensation divorced from theory at one end, to, at the other, sensation reinforced by the most advance and respected scientific theories available.

[It is probably not a coincidence that the universal constant of duality, as defined in this paper and resulting from the phenomenon of awareness becoming aware of itself as not being itself may be further identified as number, and that this number, upon a prodigious extension of freedom, may give rise to the logically sound relationships of mathematics. This being the case, we cannot be surprised to discover that after a rigorous investigation of number, the results of those investigations, when applied to our spatial environment, in many cases, corresponds to the events which have been predicted to occur in that environment.]

Many of the judgments we use to define our experience result from our ability to identify non-being. In that we may identify a particular state of affairs as occurring or not occurring, it becomes prohibitive that this same state of affairs may occur and not occur at the same time. This principle (of self-contradiction), when applied to analytical thought becomes a powerful tool, but, more informally, this principle also may be used to determine a person’s priorities and consequent behavior; that is, making one
’s behavior and beliefs consistent. For instance, if I quite my job in order to experience more time form myself, I would, in a very brief time, come to realize that employment is an essential prerequisite for the experience of satisfying free time, hence quitting my job would be inconsistent with my desired goal.

With the creation of priorities, awareness expands, and here we see the guiding light which illuminates our future possibilities, however, if there is one lesson which we have to learn again and again, it is that when a person’s priorities, either by choice or by a deficiency in the basic necessities of life, are solely determined by a desire for immediate sense gratification, that in almost every case, those people become the victims and the prisoners of their own fear, prejudice, greed, and sometimes even violence.

The above state of affairs, which I have just described, i.e., (-(-(X/Y) (X/Y))(-(X/Y)(X/Y))), is graphically captured in the Tai Chi symbol by the contrasting black and white inner circles. These circles complete the representation of God’s freedom in the human dimension, the dimension of “time of mind.” This whole relationship, or (-(-(X/Y) (X/Y))(-(X/Y)(X/Y))), is expressed in the contrasting dualistic forms depicted in the Tai Chi symbol and, from my point of view at least, fully represents the experience of the experience of the experience of God’s freedom.


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